About CeMex Farma

CeMex Farma, UAB was founded in 2009 by young and proactive pharmaceutical professionals. The pharmacists came together to offer their knowledge and provide high quality services in market research, development, registration and marketing of food supplements and cosmetic products.

High trained personnel with innovative thinking and “know-how” studies in cooperation with university academicians is a basic principal for development of new innovative food supplements and cosmetics. Our product development and contract manufacturing solutions allow us and our partners to produce a new innovative product and/or to upgrade the well known product giving new characteristics and/or use opportunities.

Being aware of the effect of nature to humans and the growing importance of herbal medicine to health, CeMex Farma introduced the first FytoLab line products to the market. FytoLab is a label of exclusively natural plant-based, high-quality products.


Services and products must meet the highest standards.

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